Designers of Tomorrow

We’re a small community of changemakers, committed to designing solutions for a better tomorrow, and challenging the status quo on the way we do it.

Together, we’re taking on today’s most pressing global challenges. We support each other with resources, keep each other accountable, and share lessons from our work.


We’re shaping the future of change. And, we’re no longer waiting for permission to do it.

In 2016, two strangers with big dreams asked a bold question: What if we stop waiting for permission to create change? This question led us on an incredible journey, 7000 miles from home, where we spent a year creating our education in design and social change. 

As we worked to bring more human-centered approaches to the work of change, we quickly learned that we weren’t alone. Along this journey, we met many incredible people, like you, taking the risks necessary to create change, and not letting traditional norms hold them back. 

And so, Designers of Tomorrow was born, as a space for us to collaborate, support each other, and work towards a shared mission.

Together, we’re asking bold questions about the future of change. What are the skills, tools, and mindsets required to create change? How might we better equip future changemakers? What does it take to listen to the quietest voices? What happens if we trade our offices for community based pop-up studios? How might we create more empowering organizational structures? How might we encourage more interdisciplinary collaboration?

And we’re testing our way forward, starting with bringing more human-centered and collaborative approaches to each of our projects.

We invite you to join our community, and work with us to design a better tomorrow.

Join us

We would love to meet you. Send us an email at and tell us a bit about who you are. And we’ll send you an invite to join our private Slack group.